Aligning Profit and Purpose in Business - Talk

Notes from the informative talk by Business Coach, Till Kraemer

1. Entrepreneurship is like art. You find your true business model and create meaning for yourself and for others.

2. Be true to yourself and what you are doing in your business.

3. Find your passions and create meaning with what you believe in.

Three opening statements from business coach Till Kraemer who gave an evening talk on Three Steps to Finding a Purposeful and Profitable Business which aligns with your Passions

Till has his own story which comes from a period of transition to learning his true personal business model and following his passions. As a result, he changed industries, moved to Mallorca and flourished in himself and his purpose.

The Headliners:

  • The Better you know yourself and your talents the better you will be.

  • And the better you do things, the more positive the feedback will be on your work and the more you will grow. 

  • The important thing is to know what you get up for in the morning. If you don't have those things aligned you will run around pleasing everyone, drained and unfocussed, lost and confused and you will burn out.

  • When you are doing things well and receiving positive feedback you raise your confidence, you understand how and why you act. 

What are your motivators? What are your values?

You need to recognise these things and work out how to play these to your advantage. You may be avoiding key elements to your business because you do not value such things, which may be having an impact on your progress. Work out what these road blocks are, and shift your offering to find a way to overcome the challenge and to work alongside them to benefit your business instead. If you need to play one system (you might not like) to benefit another (that you do like), then so be it.

Ask yourself

1. What do you get most excited by at work? Is it happy clients? Good feedback? Money, organisational teamwork? Problem solving?

2. What are your motivators, what makes you say yes to a client?

Is it variety? An opportunity to share your ideas, to help other people, to create things people like? 

3. Look at who you are and your passions. Then look at the resources you already have.

4. Don't try and mould yourself to the resources out there. You are not staying true to your own passions.

5. Give yourself time to create space for yourself to become more aware of what it is that motivates you. Carry a notebook around with you to make notes about what you are excited about. By knowing these things, you create a bigger basis for yourself to start from. 

6. Avoid allowing yourself to be a Jack of All Trades and getting lost in the marketing jungle with no niche, no clients, you market to everyone and you get lost and fed up and you lose faith in your own abilities.

7. How can you create the best match to target a specific group?

8. Work with people who want to benefit from your knowledge and what you offer. 

Till shared the methodology (pdf available) called Business Model You. It consists of 9 building blocks to create your personal business model, based upon the block concepts of the business model canvas.

Start with who you are and what resources you have. Then what you do, how you help people and who you help.

Once you have your niche, (that comes out of your already available resources), you can focus on a target group, giving them something valuable that they value.

Finding the right business model

Service providers often relate their business model to time and money. A session is €20/hour for example. So you look for business, but you never give them the value they are looking for and you lose the client.

The most common mission of business owners is to find a passive income stream. The desire for this is mostly so that we can then have the time to do something meaningful in the spare time we will have. But most often passive income comes via online businesses, and unless you are good at digital marketing and websites, you will spend a lot of time on the computer, not being social and engaging in your passions. 

So what is the solution to meaningful work?

A. You need to understand how to create a deep impact with your business offering. To shift from out time trading to a package offering. 

B. When you provide a service to clients who are ready to have people help them, you'll have a 10% increase on sales. Find your niche, develop something valuable and forget those who can't see the value.

C. Provide extra offerings that create impact. 

And Remember...

Know yourself.

It's a journey.

Create a business where you become more and more yourself and you grow with it and create awareness of yourself too.

Build alignment with what you stand for, in a niche you resonate with.

Create packages where you create impact for yourself and impact for others.

For more information please visit: Till Kraemer Business Coaching