Our first coworking connection

One of the fantastic things about being an independent worker is the opportunity to take your work with you wherever you travel. Laptop in hand, and wifi code on arrival. When you know you have a dedicated space to go to, with likeminded people around you, it makes your work vacation a lot easier to plan.

When we set up The Hub Mallorca, we always knew we wanted to be part of the bigger movement of coworking spaces. To be able to give our members an opportunity to connect with a global community of coworkers in fantastic spaces around the world. 

So we are very excited to announce our first coworking connection with MOB (Makers of Barcelona) in Barcelona. MOB launched with the creative community of tech makers and creators in mind. As a coworking, it has a good couple of years on us, having opened in 2011.  Back when it was Grexit not Brexit and times of the Arab Spring, these guys were carving out their space in the city. They launched their second location MOB PAU in 2015 to complement the growing freelance community across all sectors. And in a few months they will be opening MOB CTR in front of Santa Caterina Market in the charming district of El Borne.

The benefit of connecting with MOB is not only the range of workers and spaces they have available in the city, but also the activities they have scheduled in the space. This ranges from skill sharing workshops, hackathons, tech and business events made for and led by Mobbers themselves.

As a Hubber moonlighting as a Mobber, you get the benefit of using their space for five days at no extra charge to your usual membership. Swap Santa Catalina for Santa Caterina, Paseo del Borne for the slightly bigger El Borne. There's no limit to the fun you can have. Work in MOB by day, tapas in Barri Gotic at night. Work in MOB by day, gig in Razzmatazz at night. Work in MOB by day, cocktails overlooking the bay from the W Hotel at night. You're sensing a pattern here, I hope! 

As the saying goes, a change is better than a rest. So if you are thinking of spreading your Spanish wings, visiting a friend in Barcelona for more than a weekend or simply want to change your work scene, let us know your plans and we can send a paper aeroplane over to our MOB friends in Barcelona to reserve your space. 

For more information on their three spaces visit: 


MOB BLN Carrer de Bailén 11 08010 Barcelona MOB PAU Ronda de Sant Pau 47 08015 Barcelona MOB CTR Avenida F. Cambó, 17 08003 Barcelona